Thomas Carlson was a former student at Logan High. At one point of his life, he attended Golden Oaks. He is a background character and is part of the jock group that Kaz fears. This page has more info about him. Many have said he is very narcissistic. He often showed off his muscles to everyone at Logan. His appearance has been compared to that of Zac Efron. He also changed his haircut every month to see which one people liked more. Before graduating high school, he was voted to have the best smile

He recently graduated high school, and plans on going to college and earn a degree in psychology. Specifically, he's going to Darwin University. (Kaz and Oliver have a celebration that the jocks are gone) He planned on teaching his younger brother how to run the school, but William didn't plan to run it. So now, many jocks are fighting for the "throne".

It's recently revealed his favorite animal is the koala and that he played on the soccer team, not the basketball team.