Luke, short for Lucas, is a sophomore at Golden Oaks High. He is a minor character who is known to spreads bad rumors about others. He likes playing basketball but has a secret passion for music. He has a cousin named Jack Steventon who lives in California. He's friends with Collin David Cooper since they were both on the basketball team. They went to the same middle school, St. Aaron's Middle School. Collin, however, skipped his 8th Grade year to film Mackenzie Falls. Afterward, they both attended Golden Oaks High School for Boys together as normal kids. Collin is scheduled to make an appearance in the show, soon. He is also friends with Tony Ravioli and Caleb McCarthy, who are never actually seen in the show. As a sophomore, he was voted onto the class board.

He makes a cameo in Can't Go Back, but makes his speaking debut in Night Strikes Again!