Golden Oak High is one of the competing schools against Logan High. It's a private boys only school. The attending students have the same white uniform. This is a page/gallery of some of the students.

The Twins Edit

Alex and Andrew are identical twins. For some reason however, Alex has blue eyes and Andrew has black eyes. They also have different hairstyles. Alex has his hair gelled, While Andrew occasionally has his hair gelled but some pieces of hair stick out.

Tom Edit

Tom used to go to to Golden Oak, but transferred to Logan High. He used to be called "The Strongest Guy at Golden Oaks". He's usually referred as one of "The Jocks" by Kaz.

Matt Edit

Matt is a (to-some-extent) a rebellious student. He keeps to himself mostly.

Luke Edit

Luke is an aspiring artist at Golden Oak. (Pianist to be exact)

Connor Edit

Connor is the "successor" of Tom for being the strongest guy at Golden Oaks

Bryant Edit

Bryant is one of the jocks at Golden Oaks but isnt reverred as the strongest jock

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