Golden Oak High is one of the schools near Logan High. It's a private boys only school. The attending students have the same white uniform. This is a page/gallery of some of the students. Some students aren't depicted. Alex and Andrew are twins that are in the jocks group but make an effort to be nice to others. Jason is a "mixture of everything." He's snotty, he's smart and he's a sports jock.

Tom Edit

Tom used to go to to Golden Oak, but transferred to Logan High. He used to be called "The Strongest Guy at Golden Oaks". He's usually referred as one of "The Jocks" by Kaz. (There are 2 pictures.) Now a lot of the guys at Golden Oak fight for his title

Matt Edit

Matt doesn't follow dress code (which is his main rule-breaker) . He isn't seen much around school, but when he is, he's causing trouble. 

Luke Edit

Luke is an artist at Golden Oaks. He keeps to himself most of the time is wears a hood. He's somewhat nervous about performing in front of people. He also plays a sport. (It's unknown which)

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