Can't Go Back was an unreleased episode of Season 2 of Mighty Med.

Plot Edit

Kaz is going to private school so he'll actually learn in school. However, when he meets some of the terrible students who go there, he needs to find a way out.

Transcript Edit

Kaz: I got an F on my report card?

Oliver: At least you got a C in Lunch.

Kaz: I’m failing every year.

Oliver: I know. It’s nothing new.

Kaz: No, my mom said that if I fail another class, I’m transferring.

Oliver: To where?

Kaz: Private School

Oliver: Well, tell me where you go. I used to go to a terrible private school called Golden Oaks before I went to Logan High,

Kaz: Well, all I need to do is not tell my mom about my grade.


Kaz: Yep, it’s possible

Kaz’ Dad (Jeremy): That’s it. You’re going to Golden Oaks first thing, next week.


(Theme Song)

Oliver: OOOO. Wow. I feel bad for you.

Kaz: I know. You told me how bad it was! Maybe you could come with me to Golden Oaks, because best friends stick together.

Oliver: No, nothing could make me go back to that school.

Kaz: Maybe it’s not that bad because you hate a bunch of stuff that I like. I’ll go for a week.

Oliver: You have to wear the same uniform everyday.

Kaz: WHAT?! I don’t even wash my thousands of clothes much less this one I’ll have to wear daily!